As a team, we excel at quickly understanding virtually any industry or technology. Some of the industries we have served are Oil and gas industries, food and beverages companies, hotels,  technologies, insurance, energy industries, and financial services.

In the light of this, we believe we can add value through not just industry expertise, but also by providing corporate training.

We begin by discussing your employees' basic needs.



  • Analysis and assessment:

During the assessment, we identify key people, interview staff, conduct surveys with them, and listen to their needs. To do this, we will examine your strategic goals, identify your human resource challenges, identify skill gaps, and identify any obstacles to your productivity.


  • Training and Curriculum Development: This is where we come in fully - in developing training specific to your needs. To satisfy your employees' learning styles and needs, we support an approach that allows them to choose from a variety of learning activities and modules that work for them, while still making sure that the learning content they require is available.

This can include but is not limited to the following: self-assessment surveys with personal feedback, listening to podcasts, watching and responding to video-based instruction, attending in-class lectures and workshops, and engaging in business simulation games and role-playing. We offer a variety of delivery modes for our training packages, including face-to-face, online real-time, and computer-based self-paced learning.

  • Approval and Implementation: You will have the opportunity to test our training before you implement it with your staff. When your feedback has been incorporated, we will determine a schedule to roll out the training and establish a benchmark for completion.

Then, let the training begin!

  • Evaluation: Evaluation is an integral part of every training package we create. Our evaluation includes testing and one-to-one assessments, but we also encourage you and your employees to give us feedback: "Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a particular issue or problem? What can we do better next time?"

Generally, our prices are charged according to each package and level.

Well, for Standard Plus Consulting to carry out their job duly, the following needs should be provided before the commencement of this training.


What you provide:

  • An onsite analysis and assessment session lasting one day using your staff and your premises.
  • Comfortable environment
  • Adequate technology
  • Employees

We'll provide the following:

  • Analysis and assessment of your needs
  • Training and curriculum development
  • All training materials
  • Implementation and delivery of training program
  • Evaluation of training program

Note: All developed training materials remain the intellectual property of Standard Plus Consulting. These materials are to be used only under their approval and/or supervision.


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